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Volume at "0" when program opens Jim Blair 1426 3 18-Jul-07 ChordWizard Support
Soundfonts Jim Blair 1359 1 17-Jun-07 ChordWizard Support
external keyboard schaup 1358 1 10-Jun-07 ChordWizard Support
events properties window schaup 1301 1 29-May-07 ChordWizard Support
audio visual chord caculator tool Leo 1506 1 13-Mar-07 ChordWizard Support
DXi VST instrument plugin support Leo 1338 1 12-Mar-07 ChordWizard Support
modal context Ctone 1247 1 23-Feb-07 ChordWizard Support
Pickup Jim Blair 1198 2 4-Feb-07 Jim Blair
latency schaup 952 2 14-Jan-07 schaup
Styles Jim Blair 1017 1 13-Jan-07 ChordWizard Support
Export midi/wav Jim Blair 1189 4 10-Jan-07 ChordWizard Support
Changing keys Jim Blair 1157 1 9-Jan-07 ChordWizard Support
Various questiones sotaru 1295 1 13-Nov-06 ChordWizard Support
32nd and 64th notes/rest in staff view rleblang 1123 1 11-Nov-06 ChordWizard Support
Random function Noize 1194 1 3-Nov-06 ChordWizard Support
Working with text sotaru 1341 6 19-Jul-06 sotaru
various suggestions sotaru 1157 2 3-Jul-06 sotaru
Library sotaru 1147 2 3-Jul-06 sotaru
More chords in the selector box Simon Sedgwick 1162 4 3-Jul-06 sotaru
Instument definition DonaldC 1205 3 30-May-06 DonaldC
Change Key Jeff Blankenship 1165 4 27-May-06 ChordWizard Support
stylechange schaup 1145 1 17-May-06 ChordWizard Support
renaming schaup 957 1 13-May-06 ChordWizard Support
Midi To Guitar Tab Andrew Wilkie 1162 1 29-Apr-06 ChordWizard Support
Repeat segment ANDRE 993 1 17-Apr-06 ChordWizard Support
Add staff notation facility Eldert 1118 4 12-Apr-06 ANDRE
Right Click Chord Sampling RandyF 1065 5 6-Apr-06 RandyF
What's the purpose of scales in Songtrix? David Rigby 1183 1 19-Mar-06 ChordWizard Support
New song scales Jim Blair 885 1 18-Mar-06 ChordWizard Support
MIDI import Pietro Belfiore 1088 4 16-Feb-06 Pietro Belfiore
styles library schaup 1687 2 14-Feb-06 ChordWizard Support
Sizable "Edit a Segment" RandyF 985 1 14-Feb-06 ChordWizard Support
Octave extension Pietro Belfiore 1080 4 14-Feb-06 ChordWizard Support
Note Roll Tool needs work RandyF 911 1 12-Feb-06 ChordWizard Support
How Do I: Input chords on the upbeat? RandyF 1020 1 12-Feb-06 ChordWizard Support
Allow space bar to start/stop playback Jeff Blankenship 892 3 12-Feb-06 RandyF
More than one track Pietro Belfiore 942 1 12-Feb-06 ChordWizard Support
More than one segment Pietro Belfiore 940 1 12-Feb-06 ChordWizard Support
Demo Music Kevin Lloyd 1115 1 12-Feb-06 ChordWizard Support
Midi sotaru 903 3 6-Feb-06 ChordWizard Support
Show the note length in musical notation FunkyRabbit 998 1 6-Feb-06 ChordWizard Support
View Properties menu Rick Jolley 882 1 5-Feb-06 ChordWizard Support
Meters not showing Michael Aulik 781 1 5-Feb-06 ChordWizard Support
About the Songtrix Forum ChordWizard Support 1447 28-Jan-06 ChordWizard Support
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