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The Forums are discussion boards where you can post questions, comments, and tips about our products (or music in general) for us or other members to respond to.  Please try to post your topics in the most appropriate forum.

Forum Description Topics Updated
[News] Latest news from ChordWizard Software about product releases, beta tests and other upcoming events 101 2-Jul-19 View
Introductions Introductions by new members. Please tell us a little about yourself, what you're doing with music, and how our community might be able to help 372 16-Jul-19 View
Songtrix Questions and discussion about using and creating songs with Songtrix Bronze, Silver and Gold Editions 142 10-Mar-19 View
ChordWizard Questions and discussion about using ChordWizard Silver and Gold Editions with stringed instruments 16 23-Apr-19 View
Music Theory Questions and discussion about points of music theory, such as those presented in ChordWizard Music Theory 15 20-May-19 View
Making Music Discussions and collaboration on composition, arrangement and songwriting 6 14-Sep-15 View
Member's Corner Questions and discussion about the ChordWizard Network and any other general issues 19 21-Dec-18 View
Beta Forum Reports and discussion of problems, bugs or issues with beta test product releases 43 14-Jul-19 View

Forums enclosed in [square brackets] contain official support information from us.  You cannot post topics or add comments in these forums.  All of the other forums are fully available for member discussions.

Latest Postings

Topic Member Forum Replies Updated Latest By
Hello from Johnnycakes Johnnycakes Introductions - 16-Jul-19 Johnnycakes
Entering and editing notes on the Staff st.lover Beta Forum 2 14-Jul-19 st.lover
Songtrix Gold 4.0? ToneDeF Beta Forum 1 14-Jul-19 ChordWizard Support
Hello from Stacy's Piano Stacy's Piano Introductions - 14-Jul-19 Stacy's Piano
Hello from Boneman the first Boneman the first Introductions - 13-Jul-19 Boneman the first
Hello from sangeethakala sangeethakala Introductions - 12-Jul-19 sangeethakala
Hello from Edi1997 Edi1997 Introductions - 7-Jul-19 Edi1997
Beta 4 Expired Pencred Beta Forum 3 3-Jul-19 Pencred


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