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The ChordWizard® Network is the centre for support, sharing and interaction for musicians using ChordWizard software. New ChordWizard products are also made available here for beta-testing in the final stages of development.

Songtrix 4.0 beta testing is underway

Songtrix 4.0 is currently in beta testing and you are invited!  Login to see all the details and get your copy.

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Integrated Login with Songtrix®

Songtrix is a complete workshop for musical creativity, based on familiar structures like chords and key centres, and on intuitive events, such as chord strums, slide notes and drum rolls.

With Songtrix you can login to the ChordWizard Network using Network View, for one-click access and the ability to upload and download songs and styles directly from the workspace.

This also applies to the free Bronze Edition, which anyone can use to download, play and print the songs on the ChordWizard Network.


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