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50+ New Songtrix Styles for Free Download !! Master Peo 4595 9 16-Sep-22 tania
drums play as piano panworks 233 10-Jan-21 panworks
Vocals Bruce Long 245 22-Oct-20 Bruce Long
how to get my bronze product key? aujourd 2589 6 11-Mar-19 ChordWizard Support
Staff-Change Stave Pencred 502 2-Dec-18 Pencred
Run Songtrix on Mac Rozman Abas 5256 10 29-Aug-18 Theo D
Is Songtrix going to die? foster911 1401 4 22-Aug-18 ChordWizard Support
How to set the key of a segment jonel 1125 1 15-Jan-18 wavytone
How to get Songtrix to control your VST instruments ZooTooK 3123 4 15-Jan-18 wavytone
I like the easy way I can input from my keyboard RandyF 2285 5 11-May-17 Four Times
Exporting to WAV file erix 2078 13 2-Oct-16 foster911
The best site I have ever found for electronic musics foster911 1695 1 21-Aug-16 dekrue2016
when does new version of songtrix come out? foster911 2014 7 21-Aug-16 dekrue2016
New Beta Musical Gym 2419 17 5-Jul-16 ToneDeF
Add new signatures getit 1134 1 4-Jul-16 ToneDeF
Segment splitting Born Canadian 1363 5 12-Apr-16 Born Canadian
A great tool completing Songtrix foster911 1710 26-Mar-16 foster911
Eurovision Song Contest Pencred 1990 9-Nov-15 Pencred
Name of the notes on them foster911 1436 3 7-Nov-15 foster911
Changing Clefs stevethnz 1300 3 25-Oct-15 ChordWizard Support
Two-bar Repeat Pencred 1308 2 21-Oct-15 Pencred
import midi files vip.ronky 2040 3 21-Oct-15 Pencred
How do insert a rest with the edit segment tool? FunkyRabbit 1642 2 21-Oct-15 Pencred
An excellent free tool for reducing output latency foster911 1482 1 29-Sep-15 foster911
Smoother Chord Rhythm Mike Posford 1458 22-Sep-15 Mike Posford
product network key jamie drew 1298 31-Jul-15 jamie drew
Bar Demarcation/Limit Pencred 1104 3 18-Jun-15 ChordWizard Support
Songtrix 3.01g? ToneDeF 1472 2 14-Jun-15 ToneDeF
Songtrix Videos - What do you want to see? ChordWizard Support 1834 7 18-May-15 Pencred
Lyrics Sheet copyable? Tim Netherwood 2045 7 8-Mar-15 Lalo Martins
Using space as shortcut for Play / Pause erix 1857 12 16-Jan-15 maung
Export to .wav Rob Revens 1850 18 4-Nov-14 ChordWizard Support
song trix is awesome aludam 1149 1-Nov-14 aludam
Slash Chords TedV 1318 4 18-Oct-14 ChordWizard Support
Tip of the day André Uhres 1224 2-Sep-14 André Uhres
Vertical Piano Roll note editing Phillip Breen 1177 1 30-Jun-14 ChordWizard Support
Can Songtrix Gold accept MP3 or WAV input of a song? KennethKwan 1435 4 23-May-14 ChordWizard Support
network layout André Uhres 1351 2 1-May-14 André Uhres
slide notes André Uhres 1480 4 1-May-14 André Uhres
The lyrics Track scorpionking 1495 1 4-Mar-14 ChordWizard Support
template from users to users data base hogarstrasni 1263 1 3-Jan-14 André Uhres
Publication title modification André Uhres 1227 2 2-Dec-13 André Uhres
How to update my song with an improved revision André Uhres 1320 3 25-Nov-13 ChordWizard Support
scales often used as a framework for improvisation DARLENE ROSS 1325 1 3-Nov-13 ChordWizard Support
Lyric Verses Songbird4 1479 2 30-Oct-13 André Uhres
Changing style sarah board 1312 3 22-Oct-13 sarah board
Nice review of Songtrix in Wusik magazine lingyai 1804 10-Sep-13 lingyai
drums staff sheet André Uhres 1574 3 6-Sep-13 André Uhres
Modes Buddha 1456 1 26-Aug-13
Shaker sound in drums seejay 1135 12-Aug-13 seejay
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