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14-Aug-12 23:02

Exporting to MP3 Files

Songtrix offers an Export to MP3 option with the File-Export process.  

However many people find that it is not available when they try to use it, and they get a message saying that no codecs are installed.

Codec is short for coder/decoder - it is a software component that takes a stream of raw digital audio (such as a WAV file) and converts to a more specialised format (in this case an MP3 file).

Windows does not by default contain any MP3 codecs, so you will need to download and install one before this export process will work for you.

Luckily, this is not too difficult.  A common MP3 codec is LAME (short for LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder) which is free and works very well with Songtrix.

LAME is an open source project, whose homepage can be found here:

Unless you are a technical type, though you will just want to get the codec itself to install, and this can be found here:

If this link above doesn't work, the version may have been updated.  Instead, find the latest LAME ACM Codec from this page:

When you downloaded the ZIP file package, unzip it into a temporary location.  You will notice there is an .inf file among them.

For 32-bit Windows, you should be able to just right-click this .inf file and choose Install.

For 64-bit Windows, the process is slightly more complicated and an instruction sheet is contained within the zip file.  Note here it is important that the cmd prompt must be Run As Administrator for this process to work.  A good way to do this is to search for cmd.exe on the Start Menu, then right click the result and choose Run As Administrator before proceeding with the rest of the instructions.

If you are having trouble and need help, post a comment in the Songtrix forum, or search to see if someone else has also had the same problem.



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