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31-Mar-11 02:26

The New ChordWizard Network

Late last year we announced the start of a series of major developments, beginning with the release of the new ChordWizard® v2.5 product versions.

We're pleased to report that our next task - the rebuilding of the new ChordWizard Network - is now complete.  

The ChordWizard Network has been rebuilt from the ground up, with a rich visual design and many new features to make it easier and more comfortable to use.

As well as the polished look and feel, you will notice several other improvements:

* Member Profile - You can personalise your profile in new ways, such as uploading a photo or image to be shown with your forum postings and publications.

* Remember Login - Your session can be remembered so you don't need to login again every time you close your browser.

* Forums Structure - The forums are restructured with a product focus, so it's easier to for you to find and post topics that are of interest to you.

* Publication Options - You can now control more precisely the terms under which your songs and styles are published to the community.

* Songtrix Integration - Songtrix 3.0m is just released and has been updated to allow integrated login to the new website in Network View.



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