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12-Nov-11 16:00

Release of Songtrix 3.0r

Songtrix 3.0r has been released for download and contains the following improvements.

Major update with several important enhancements and fixes.

- Addition of Edit-Paste Style function, allowing the manual transfer of small snippets of rhythms from a style into standard songs, without needing to use the full Autostyle mechanism

- Add Download Song as an action to the Welcome window shown at startup, similar to how it appears in the Song Player.

- Improvements to many styles, particularly ensuring that all styles now have some events for all tracks for all substyles.

- Change Style window now plays preview in appropriate substyle for currently selected cell in workspace

- Adjust New Song process so that Standard Song is now listed first in type list and is the default choice

- Improvements to automatic clef/octave selection for staff notation generation, octave shifting can now be overridden if enough leger lines are manually specified to avoid the need for it.

- Fixed incorrect underlining of song titles in message boxes, where filename includes ampersand (&) character

- Fixed problem in segment sheets that sometime allowed empty space to the right of the grid to be activated

- Add ChordWizard Network logo to default Network View login screens

- Print Staff options page, track count now updated on reset

- Adjust Human EQ for rhythm events to be based on tick position not velocity to increase variation in dynamics

- Fixed pattern bar in track view when chord selected to give preview every time new bass pitch selected

- Adjusted Record Window to preserve full chord inversion when requested always

- Improved the Chord->Scale autoselect mechanism to use scale order in evaluation rather than favouring smaller size scales

- Fixed display of related scales in staff notation for chords in track view, to ensure a minimum of an octave range is included to show all degrees of the scale

- Fixed problem causing Track Setup in the Record Segmen window to disturb the status of captured, but unstored events.

- Change default setting for Options-Workspace-Midi Setup-Display Updates to Qtn/12 for reduced and improved display load during playback

- Fixed intermittent problem causing Mixer Panel level meters to sometimes display with slightly different sizes

- Fixed fault A569@2169019 which occurred when Humansing durations of events but locations

- Fixed fault A507@2170020 which occurred when deleting the final bars of a song which has a scale track present

- Fixed fault A225@2220011 which occurred sometimes when recording rhythms



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