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4-Oct-11 17:00

Release of Songtrix 3.0q

Songtrix 3.0q has been released for download and contains the following improvements.

Major update with several important enhancements and fixes.

- Addition of Change Style popup window which appears when the style combo in the transport bar is changed, or from the new Song-Change Style and Track-Change Style commands.  Provides a much easier way to audition or change autostyles for the whole song or each track separately.

- New Adjustment mode - Normalize - which removes overlaps and adjusts event length to produce cleaner staff notation.

- Allow Notes To Chords and Notes To Scale tools to insert the current result selection into the song when the Chords or Scales track is selected

- Update the Guitar Chord tool so the entered chordshape can be entered into the Chords track even when there are no matching chords

- Enhance the operation of the Retrigger Change mode to reduce the generation of short residual retriggered events

- When editing the Lyrics track with a linked Melody track, now auditions the sound of the linked melody event when the focus changes to a new lyric event

- When a copied chord or scale is now pasted into a segment, the sound is now auditioned

- Section control and lyric editing controls are now updated properly when the lyric font and color are changed in Optons-Workspace-Display.

- Navigation in Track View now works properly when moving between events in the Lyrics track

- Some Staff settings (Horizontal sizing and Resolution) are now optionally copied from the newly selected style

- Track Clef=(auto) no longer considers the Grand Clef to be an option for the automatic setting, it must be selected manually if you want it

- Some styles setting renamed in the Song-Controls property grid

- Note Limits page in track setup for Melody/Riff/Bass tracks now renamed to Note Range

- When using Record for the Chords Track, the Chord Inversion setting has now been moved from the Record Options window to the Record Chord window itself, making selection more convenient

- Some controls on the Record Options window have been moved to improve convenience of use

- Up/Down buttons on Note Range page now step to the nearest B/C/E/F notes as appropriate to retain tidy edges on the displayed keyboard

- Fixed a problem when Chord track setup was not aware of existing rhythm events and could cause fault if the tones was reduced too far

- Fixed some faults which occurred occasionally when switching between views

- Fixed a problem where stretching harmony segment or selecting a chord/scale from Mixer View would fail to update Staff View properly

- Fixed a problem preventing singe-click dropdown of chord/scale matrix in Mixer View when hovering over the right end of a segment

- Fixed a problem causing scales to play incorrectly as a chord  in the Relations tool window when a song contains a Chords track.

- Fixed a problem causing the Transport control to be enabled in the Record Options window for Chord Track recording, when it has no relevance to this track

- Default Staff Settings to Short Notes=Lengthen to reduce the number of ignored notes

- Default Options-Workspace-Midi Setup Display Scrolling=Smooth for enhanced effect.  Originally set to Step for low performance machines

- Default Change Mode=Retrigger for all parts except Melody

- Default Note Range adjusted for Melody/Riff/Bass parts to more neatly align with their respective clef ranges

- Default voice for Melody part now set to Clarinet

- Default tutorials background and font size adjusted for improved appearance



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