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6-Sep-10 17:00

Release of ChordWizard 2.5a

ChordWizard 2.5a has been released for download and contains the following improvements.

Major update which now allows ChordWizard to take advantange of many of the latest features in our application framework.  These include the following:

- Contains the full version of How Music Works tutorials, rather than the more basic earlier revision contained in v2.0.  The tutorials can now be updated with extensions and corrections whenever the core text shared by all products changes.

- Contains all printing facilities and options as found in the Music Theory 3.0 product.  Also include extra helpful features, such as text search and bookmarking.

- Improved presentation with workspace skins, gradient shading and high color icons.  The default skin is Office Blue, but this can be changed with the Workspace Options.

- Uses the latest Sound Engine, which offers selectable channel outputs, sound problem diagnosis and global reverb where devices support it (eg. Microsoft Synthesizer)

- Enhanced smooth drawing of instrument strings, finger blocks and fret markers

- Greater visibility of View Staff tool and selectable labels for displayed notes

- Improved Notes to Chords and Notes To Scales tool, where notes are arranged in a harmonic circle

- Improved interface for adjusting Layout Options



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